Parking Safety Mode

Keep your parked vehicle safe.

Is your vehicle safe in parking zone? What step due take for its safety? How do you stop vehicle theft? You can surely take precautions by parking in lighted area or keeping vehicles locked. Even after this fleet theft is noticed. So, to solve your problem, Tracknovate provides Parking Safety Mode to secure your parked vehicle.



Prevent theft with your Android or IOS device.

To use the feature of parking mode, first of all enable the option on your mobile device. Now, when somebody tries to start or move your fleet an emergency alert will be shown in the mobile application. Moreover, an alert will be received by you on your phone.

The siren will not stop until you manually turn off the mode on your phone. Thus, ensure the safety of your fleet even when it's parked.



Tracknovate presents parking mode to prevent theft of the parked vehicle.

Ensure safety of parked vehicle with Parking Mode. During the theft attempt, you will receive an alert on your mobile device.

Let’s take an example of a situation where parking mode can be useful. You have nicely parked your car and even locked it properly. A thief uses duplicate key and tries to drive your car. The parking mode blows siren and the thief will not be able to stop the siren. You will also be able to take quick action.

Thus, It helps to take action for preventing theft on time.


Quick reaction

As soon as somebody starts your vehicle, the alert will be received by you. Thus, helps to take prevention action on time.

Increases Security

Parking mode prevents theft of your fleet and thus, ensures it’s safety.