Food & Beverages Distribution

Single platform for real-time visibility and maintaining operations efficiently while ensuring product quality


Ensure Product Quality & decrease food spoilages

Gain complete visibility and control over reefer environments, avoid shipment loss, and get real-time alerts when temperatures go out of range. Discover chiller failures and human error before goods are lost or contaminated.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Proactively communicate with customers on arrival time, delays, route diversions and temperature logs to help increase confidence, trust, customer retention and win more business.

Streamline Compliance

Reduce the administrative burden of temperature data management, accurately log driver duty hours, and meet FSSAI requirements.

Reduce Rejected Load Claims & Maintain Shipment Quality

Real-time temperature alerts, delay alerts & interactive reports provide customers with minute-by-minute breakdowns of all temperature and sensor data points to prove product transport conditions. Tracknovate reefer & cold storage solutions monitors temperatures in-transit to prevent product spoilage and rejected deliveries.

Route optimization for improved efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency by keeping routes optimized to complete deliveries throughout the day. Compare planned vs. actual route-wise performance, drill into individual route histories to increase vehicle utilisation time and maximize ROI.

Ensure driver feedback & performance

Single page view of all the consignments for delivery management in the driver app. Driver can see all the delivery points on rich map view with their TATs, reporting time & scheduled time, delivery details (quantity, weight etc.) for multiple deliveries.

Automate Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature in real-time and receive alerts when temperature drops or rises outside of user-defined zones to avoid shipment spoilage, reduce operational costs.

Save money with greater fuel efficiency

Real-time fuel theft alerts and fuel trends help identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Monitoring of idle time, hard acceleration & deceleration along with advanced analytical fuel reports help in identifying fuel wastage and improve fuel efficiency.