A safer driving method.

Driving safety and vehicle efficiency are the main aspects looked by fleet owners and fleet managers. What steps did you take for improving driving safety? Do you know if your drivers are following the rules or not?



Tracknovate enables to set limits for driving. Thus prevents drivers for violating traffic rules.

On the platform, configure speed limit, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. According to the configuration alert will be generated for violation.

Moreover, according to the driving behaviour, scorecard of driver is created for every 100kms travelled. Thus, monitor driving behaviour and take the step for improvement with Trakzee.



Tracknovate's Eco-driving system is the best option for efficient driving behaviour and lesser fuel consumption.

Eco-driving is an efficient and effective system that guides you to improvise driving behaviour and reduce fuel usage. The main factors that it looks at are the frequent usage of breaks and harsh acceleration and tries to prevent them.

It helps you reduce fleet speed and obey traffic rules and you will not face any sort of penalties. With Trakzee reduce the number of road accidents and stop traffic violations. Thus, improve road safety and fleet efficiency.


Fleet Performance

Know if the driver is exceeding speed limits. Control harsh driving by monitoring harsh acceleration and brake.

Violation awareness

Easily understands the driver’s tiredness and detects if the driver is drunk.

Decide penalty or reward

The reports provided by Eco-driving will help you decide whether to give a penalty or reward to the particular driver according to his driving score.