Driver Performance Analysis

Efficiently monitor your driver’s performance.

Improves road awareness



For every wrong step taken by the driver an alert will be generated.

With the help of the alerts and data collected from the fleet, driving behaviour of each driver is analysed. Reports of driver performance, rag score, driver activity and driver work hours are available for analysing the driving behaviour.

Features of driving behaviour analysis:

  1. Monitors driving and warns driver with alerts and video evidence.
  2. Track route with the speed limit of the particular location.
  3. Reduce vehicle idling.
  4. Keeps track of driver training, driver behaviour, performance statistics, etc.
  5. Reduce fuel cost by controlling harsh driving
  6. Cut down maintenance cost by managing driver performance
  7. Easily generate driver performance card
  8. Get daily reports and instant alerts for driver and vehicle events.


Driver performance ultimately has a big impact on fleet expenditure.

Driving Behaviour helps to understand, how your driver is driving which includes speed, harsh brakes, harsh acceleration, and sharp cornering.

This is important as it helps you increase fleet efficiency and safety with less fuel and maintenance expenses. It results in fewer accidents. Get score according to the performance of the driver. Thus, monitoring their behaviour becomes easier.


Lesser Fuel Usage

When the driving behaviour improves, the fuel consumption of fleet decreases. This also helps to lower fuel cost.

Reduce Fleet damages

Fleet damages will decrease as soon as harsh driving stops. When driving behaviour will improve, accidents and other damages will decrease.

Better Driver Performance Report

The various driving reports available in Tracknovate helps you to easily monitor driving behavior.