Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Get an automated assistant for fleet safety.

How do you monitor driving behavior? Do you have anything to save fleet from causing damage? What measures will you take for road safety and traffic violations? Do you have any solution for these problems? If no, then it’s time for you to have a solution.



Get a well-versed driving assistant with Trakzee to help you prevent damage on the road.

ADAS help fleet drivers while driving. It increases fleet safety and especially road safety.

This system automatically reduces driving errors and thus, reduces damages on the road. The system monitors the fleet surroundings in unsafe road conditions, generates alerts and takes rapid actions like reducing speed or stopping the fleet.

It can help you in situations:

  • Lane crossing
  • Sudden turnings on hill
  • Pedestrian or object collision
  • Night driving
  • Driver is drowsy
  • And more..


Prevent collisions

Automatically maintains optimum distance between your vehicle and other objects. Helps you park parallelly. It will also assist you to safely change lanes on the road. Thus it reduces the chances of collisions.

Control driving behaviour

Easily understands the driver’s tiredness and detects if the driver is drunk.

Improves road awareness

By continuous monitoring of road, ADAS warns you regarding the problem ahead. It also helps to follow the traffic rues and thus reduces traffic rule violations.