School Bus Management

You shouldn’t have to compromise with your child’s safety! We, at Tracknovate, identify with their concerns; hence, have come up with reliable school bus tracking software that provides real-time visibility of students during transit. For added convenience, our transport management software into three unique interfaces Parent App, Driver App, and School Management App. SmartBus auto-generates trips, lets you see how long the bus spends at each stop, notifies delays, records attendance, and more. Sit back and relax, let SmartBus do the work for you!

Onboard for safer, penny-wise travels?

Parents App

Keeps parents in the know of bus ETA, departures, and delays. No more scrambling for your child’s school bus. An easy-to-use and intuitive app, giving parents control over their child’s safety.

Bus Tracking

Reminder on Bus arrival

Bus Stop Re-assignment

Child Attendance Records

Prompt Notification

Management App

A portal that allows school management to ensure the safety of students in transit. They can track multiple buses in real-time and keep in touch with drivers and parents as needed.

School Bus Monitoring

Improve Safety Metrics

Instant Notifications

Rout Optimization

Prompt Notification

Driver App

Drivers can now view routes, bus stops, and traffic details in real-time using the Driver App. They can also mark attendance and communicate with the school management in case of emergencies.

Pickup/Drop Management

Verify Student Attendance

Route Planning

Rout Optimization

Prompt Notification

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Stop Handling

SmartBus lets the school management define bus stops along the route. Parents can view these stops and select the one closest to their residence. These selections will be reflected in the school management as well as the driver interface.
1. View
2. Choose or
3. Edit bus stops
on the go with SmartBus. Hence, SmarBus simplifies the process of bus stop allocation by keeping everyone in the know.

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Video Telematics

See how smart video technologies can improve your child's safety. Understand the complete state of affairs by accessing driver-facing and road-facing footage. See how :

1. Road conditions affect Driving behavior
2. Do real-time surveillance of Students
3. Offer video evidence when a collision occurs.

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Trip planning

We have tools that help drivers better understand their daily trips. To save time, we:

1. Generate Trips in advance
2. Let the drivers familiarize themselves with bus stops
3. Reflect any changes in pick-up/drop points on the driver’s console
Hence, saving the bus from making unnecessary stops or traveling in areas where there are no student drop or pick-up points.

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Use this school bus management software’s advanced tools for taking student attendance. Account for students presence in three different ways:

1. The driver can manually acknowledge a child’s attendance when they board the bus, OR
2. Confirm attendance by scanning QR codes, OR
Automatic attendance by using the RFID system
3. Additionally, parents can access their child’s attendance records and report any discrepancies.

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Student Data Management

Updating and storing information about students’ bus stops, their class/division, parent’s contact numbers is crucial for smooth transits. Managing these records can be tedious and time-consuming. Hence, SmartBus helps school management upgrade student information when needed and makes sure that student records stay up-to-date, always.

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Good Driving Behavior

Video telematics and SmartBus analytics tools join forces to make sure good diving behavior is exercised. Get reports about:

1. Fuel usage
2. Mileage
3. Unnecessary Stopping
4. Idling
and improve your vehicle's efficiency. Get real-time alerts on harsh braking or over-speeding! Hold your drivers accountable for reckless driving using video telematics.

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