On-Board Diagnostics

Self diagnostic system for fleet.

As a fleet manager, a big headache for you and your technician occurs when you come to know that fleet is facing a problem. But the question arises that how to find out what the actual problem is and how to ensure that your fleet is operating at its best?



Welcome to the Era of OBD. OBD provides crucial information such as vehicle health parameters, fuel-related info, and various event status of the vehicle.

OBD keeps the emission level of the fleet engine by monitoring the working of various engine components. It generates the Diagnostic Trouble Code. Trakzee stores this DTCs in its memory. Then it enables users to view all the faults in the system and identify the root cause of failure.

It helps the fleet manager to know the root cause of the problem and saves their time of finding the error. So we can solve the problem without wasting time. This ensures that your vehicles are running at optimum efficiency. It also helps you to know live engine status, which can help you take precautions before a big problem arises. The live status gives complete details of the engine temperature, battery voltage, etc. Thus, it monitors engine health, helps you take precautions, and detects faults.



Tracknovate gives access to view the health of the various subsystems of the vehicle.

Our OBD system monitors the engine and emission of the fleet. It searches for faults in the vital parts of the vehicle and then reports the system about it. This system alerts you if any fault is found. Thus, it prevents the vehicle from severe damages. Here, you will be able to know what and where the problem has occurred.

Moreover, you can also receive data like status, sensor and OBD parameters for any vehicle. Reports like engine temperature reports and battery voltage reports for the users to understand the previously occurring problems. You can download these reports in Excel and pdf format by the user.


Avoid engine breakdown

With the help of DTC code on-time error correction is possible, thus the chances of engine damages decreases.

Reduce pollution

The regular inspection and error detection will decrease the CO2 emission from fleet, thus protects environment.

Save money

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