Fleet Immobilizing System

Quick step to prevent vehicle theft.

Most of the GPS available device in the market today provides the functionality in which you can turn off the engine of the vehicle from the software. Once the command is activated the engine of the vehicle won't start this is called immobilization of the vehicle.



Immbolize is the must-have feature for any fleet management software and for any fleet manager.

This feature makes sure that a non-authorized person cannot move the vehicle without your permission from the web or mobile application. You just need to push the button to activate the system. Even if they have the key of your vehicle it won't start. Thus, only the authorized person can activate the command.

Main features:

  1. Does not interfere with driving when it’s not dangerous
  2. Installation is easy


Are you looking for a way to prevent vehicle theft? Then Trakee’s Immobilizing system will help you stop ignition during the theft.

Immobilizer is an anti-theft system that prevents the engine from running until you turn this functionality off. The theft attempt will fail, eventually. This functionality can also be useful in case of car hijacking.

Immobilizer prevents any key or tampering from starting the vehicle. The engine will start when you off the immobilizing system. Thus, it is the best option for theft prevention.


Quick action

Quickly prevent theft with an authorised mobile device.

Key to control

The alert or siren can be stopped only when user stops the system manually with authorized mobile device.

Save unwanted expense

Helps to increase the chance of vehicle recovery before major damage is caused.