Expense Management

Easily manage all the expenditures of your fleet.

What is the total expense of your fleet? Have you ever noticed the decrease and the increase in fleet expenditure? Most of us really don’t have an answer until we get the monthly or yearly calculated expense sheet. Are you satisfied with this? Of course not, when it comes to fleet, you may want to see the exact data and calculation as per your requirement. So, now it is time to get a better solution.



Expense Management helps you manage all the maintenance and fuel expenditure with your phone application and web.

Select the type of expense and then add the amount. This helps you understand which expense mostly occurs for each vehicle. The expense management is designed for you to understand your expenses and find a solution for a profitable future.

In case of fuel, you will know if fuel was filled in an authorised fuel station or not. Fuel stations can be added or removed as per your requirement.

Alerts will be generated if the odometer value does not match the information collected by GPS. Here you can also view the previous expense of the vehicle. Thus it can help you build a future with more progress and less expense.



It’s important to have a detail of fleet expenditure. If you are a fleet manager then when, for what and how much, are the factors to be known for managing the expense.

Tracknovate helps you to manage expenditure of maintenance and fuel. Here you can add your expenses with the date.

Moreover, you can check the reality of the expense with the help of live tracking. It can inform you where the fleet is and thus ensures you about the place where the maintenance or fuel filling was actually done.

Trakzee’s expense management helps you calculate your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cost easily.


Track fleet expense

Get detailed information of all expenses of fleet at one location. Thus expense tracking becomes easier.

Get history expense

Your previous expense can be viewed. This can be useful for comparing the previous expenses with the present data.

Add authorised fuel station

Apart of managing expense, here you can add authorised satation from where fleet will be allowed to fill fuel.