For long haul businesses, managing fleet is the focal point. Even though the market is flooded with many fleet management solutions, a user still finds it difficult to get a tailor made solution.

Fuel monitoring

The high cost of fuel/gas always has major impact on operating expense of any business. Tracknovate offers various options for users to monitor fuel consumptions in order to take measures to cut fuel costs.


We have experience in field force management and employee management our app based solution will help you out in this field.


Tracknovate supports various Scheduled and On Demand Reports which users can run whenever needed with the results emailed to any number of recipients on a daily or weekly basis.



If you want to check out the current location of your vehicle including the progress in route details or if you want to keep track of all the locations that your vehicle has traversed in a certain period of time.


At the time when fuel prices are accentuating every day, fuel issues have become one of the top challenges for all the transport providers.


In today’s time where a huge number of devices are involved in every process, monitoring each and every one might become a bit cumbersome.


Constant monitoring and maintenance are the pre requisites while transporting perishable goods over long durations. Axestrack provides a complete solution.